Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas day lunch

A white Melbourne Christmas, who would have thought and our 5th annual Ferntree Gully Christmas day lunch. We had over 150 turn up on the day for a great feast and fun. There were many great and sad stories of people who would normally have nowhere to go. We had an amazing team of volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the day, the Christmas angel came and brought great cheer (and presents) to all. Many of our kids took part in our great impromptu Nativty play, as we shared the story of God's gift to us in the form of Jesus. All in all a great time summed up by one woman with tears in her eyes as she left saying, "This has been the best Christmas of my life".

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cricket crazy

Lest I be accused of gloating, or kicking a poor pom while his down, just wanted to say what a highlight last Saturday’s day of cricket was. Firstly in the morning Jack batted in the under 13’s and made 36 not out, his highest score and almost guided his team to victory. He is having a mighty season with the blade and currently averages 55.5, watch out Punter. Rory’s under 17’s ensured their top position and unbeaten run continued with Rory taking a wicket in his 2 overs spell.

The afternoon was the real highlight, our FTGCC 6’s team finally won a game, my first with them. Rory and I again batted together and put together a nice 30 run partnership late in the innings with Rory smashing his way to 28. He topped it off by claiming 3 for 11 with the ball, It’s only the old man whose letting the family down with the bat, although no ducks yet. But it certainly swells the pride seeing the younger Barro’s loving the game and doing so well

The Hope candle

Last Sunday morning our Neighbourhood Community gathered to share some munchies and look at the Christmas season, what does it mean to us, kids and adults all drew and shared their thoughts. We lit the Hope candle, being the first Sunday of advent and reflected on what it is to have hope in the midst of pain, suffering, brokenness as well as celebration. The sharing was rich and deep and again caused me, and others, to reflect that God calls us into community to share with one another, otherwise it would all be too much on our own, even though our natural inclination is to hide and be the lone ranger. May we all the know the Hope that surpasses all this season…

Friday, December 01, 2006

Walk the walk

Went swimming yesterday morning, first time for nearly a month and the body is starting to show for it. Much to my surprise I still managed to get my laps done without stopping (major achievement for me). Everyday I missed made it all the more harder to go again. The excuses start to mount up, then self doubt sneaks in and before you know it a month has flown by.

As I was crawling up and down the pool I got to thinking that it’s a bit like life, faith, love. We can have all the best intentions, I will pray, I will treat my partner and kids better, I will make time for that other person today, but somehow unless we actually step out and DO it, it just remains a good thought. And the longer we leave it the less likely we are to do it.

The old book say’s that faith without actions are dead, so as I dragged myself out the pool I once again resolved to try and practice what I preach and to try and “walk the walk”, not just “talk the talk.”