Friday, April 13, 2007

U2 comes to The Passion of Christ

On a bit of a roll, i came across this intersting clip of U2 playing Vertigo juxaposed to the Passion of Christ, complete with tests, temptations and triumphs. And oh I've just worked out how to get the screen thingy to work as well.

Easter in Bangkok and Melbourne

Had a bit of a whirlwind last few days. A fantastic last few days in Bangkok teaching both in the morning and the afternoon, a highlight was playing games with waterballoons on the last day with our kids and seeing heaps of adults gathering around and getting them invloved as well. It was great to see something as simple as that bring a communnity of kids and adults together. We finished up with a great time last Friday morning, Easter Friday sharing in a cafe in Klong Toey with the Oz team of 15, the UNOH team and the Ta Rua church leaders all sharing about what God has been doing in their lives.

Left Bangkok Fri night midnight and back in Melbourne Sat arvo, great seeing the family again before getting up at 5.30am for our Foothills annual Sunrise Easter Sunday service at the Arby here in sunny Ferntree Gully.

Apart from all the usual catch ups this week has been great and full with our FTG Community Meals night on Wednesday night which has grown to 45 in my absence. Nandos even bought down and donated the food for the evening much to everyones delight. Thursday night was back to the Family Birth Centre for another Secret Dads Stuff, another highlight working with dads to be then this morning I spoke up at Soul Survivor doing a workshop entitled "Crossing the Street" was great interacting with heaps of young people and getting more great ideas for UNOH's upcoming SURRENDER 07.

So in a nutshell it's good to ease back into life and be prepared to stay up all night for the cricket World Cup.


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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hot in Bangkok

Hi all, on the home run now, we are teaching twice a day, in the morning again this week at Rong Gow and in the afternoon, 5.00-6.30 I am back at Glua Prick. Was great going there last night and having heaps of the kids and adults come up and say "HI BARRO", it is incredibly hot and with not much rest in the arvo, but is amazing to see the way God teaches you things thru all of this, thanks for all of your prayers, great to be here during Easter Holy week.